Specialized Transportation

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For Unique Transportation needs, Count on Atlas Towing Services

Not every towing job is straightforward. Hauling unique equipment, components and certain vehicles requires the work of an expert towing company like Atlas Towing Service. For projects too large to transport via conventional equipment, we supply wreckers and trailers for specialized transportation services. Local businesses and industrial facilities rely on Atlas and our ability to provide quick, careful, and affordable towing and transportation services. If you are interested in specialized transportation services contact Atlas today!

What We Haul

From generators to cranes, Atlas has hauled it all! Unfortunately, many industrial and commercial facilities’ most crucial equipment are too large and unwieldy for standard shipping and transportation. Thankfully, Atlas Towing’s fleet includes everything necessary for safely and reliably transporting.

Exceptional Service and Care

At Atlas Towing Service, we strive to go above and beyond for our clients. Our extensive fleet of wreckers and trailers can manage load sizes both large and small! Our operators are also highly trained and certified to manage all load types, guaranteeing your specialized transportation will be handled by knowledgeable experts.

Specialized Transportation

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Specialized transportation is only possible with the equipment and expertise of towing companies like Atlas Towing Service. To learn more about the requirements for specialized transportation and what Atlas can help you haul, contact us today.